Super Beam

Super BeamSlick Super Beam is a heavy duty truss designed to accommodate capacities between Slick Maxi Beam and Slick Mega Beam The truss uses a high grade aluminium alloy 6082-T6, and uses 60mm O/D main tubes in conjunction with Slick's forkend jointing system. Super Beam comes in standard 1.2M, 2.4M and 4.8M lengths. As with Maxi Beam, the trusses come with the options of with or without castors, bottom braced or pre-rigged with drop-down mechanism.

Super Beam is ideal for outdoor roof systems, offering large load capacities, ease of erection and dismantling, with large cross stage spans. Typically Super Beam can be loaded to 4,760Kg over a 20mt span.

General Truss data

H = 917 mm (857 ctrs), W = 610 mm (569 ctrs)

Tube Sizes:

Main cord = 60 mm OD, Braces = 40 mm OD

Connection Type:

Fork End fitting

Fixings Type:

5TTP, Truss pin & R4 clip

Typical Loading:

9600 Kgs uniform over 10 mts


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