Nova LiteNova Lite

Nova Lite is a light weight version of Nova Beam truss. It utilises a 48x3mm main tube rather than the heavier 48 x4.47 (scaff tube). It is a 50cm square truss system and is available in section lengths of 0.5mts to 4mt.

It is manufactured from high grade 6082-T6 aluminium and uses the forkend jointing system for ease of use. The range includes the usual base plates and corner blocks and is ideal as a medium duty ‘walkable’ truss.

General Truss data

H = 500 mm (451.6 ctrs), W = 500 mm (451.6 ctrs)

Tube Sizes:

Main cord = 48.4 mm OD, Braces = 25.4 mm OD

Connection Type:

Fork End fitting

Fixings Type:

TP, Truss pin & R3 clip

Typical Loading:

2045 Kgs uniform over 10 mts


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