Nova BeamNova Beam

Nova Beam is a 50cm square truss, manufactured from
high grade 6082-T6 Aluminium alloy and comes in 0.5Mt
1.0Mt 2.0Mt, 3.OMt and 4.OMt truss lengths.

Nova Beam is a product of Slick's continued commitment to Research and Development. It combines all the traditional components of Slick's high quality trussing,
with new elements which dramatically enhance the
systems versatility'.

The Nova Beam range comes complete with all the usual corners, swivels and hinges familiar in the other ranges of Slick equipment. As usual the system can be used in conjunction with the GS Truss Tower making it ideal for ground supported installations.

The Nova Beam has a unique fork end fitting arrangement, making the system more flexible and interchangeable than ever before and reducing the requirement for large quantities of corner blocks in your inventory.

The Nova Beam also utilises 48mm tube in its sides and top faces to provide the lighting designer with greatly increased options for positioning lighting equipment.

General Truss data

H = 500 mm (451.6 ctrs), W = 500 mm (451.6 ctrs)

Tube Sizes:

Main cord = 48.4 mm OD, Braces = 25.4 mm OD

Connection Type:

Fork End fitting

Fixings Type:

TP, Truss pin & R3 clip

Typical Loading:

2581 Kgs uniform over 10 mts


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