Lite MastLite Mast

The one tone Lite Mast Ground Support tower system is a unique combination of a one tonne rigging tower and a ground support system. All components are manufactured using high grade 6082- T6 aluminium with a 3:1 safety factor.

It is capable of connecting to Slick ‘Lite Beam’, ‘Mini Beam’ and ‘Ground Support Truss’ by means of its highly versatile circular
sleeve block using connection plates. It is able to connect in up to six directions at any one time and with a variety of trusses, and thus making it one of the most effective tower systems on the market.

The tower is made up from Slick ‘Lite Mast’ truss sections and comes in multiples of 0.5M lengths, up to 6 metres. It is also a triangular truss section very much like the Slick ‘Lite Beam’ system and uses the same taper fitting joints making for a quick, simple and rigid jointing method. (they cannot connect together for safety reasons).

Lite Mast truss may also be used as a beam, which provides a higher loading capacity than Lite Beam, thus providing a highly economical triangular truss with dual purpose.

The base comes complete with screw jack feet on the base and on the outriggers to accomodate sloping stages and uneven ground. It’s outriggers enable it to be used safely in a goal post situation.

Lite Beam may be used as the tower, rather than Lite Mast but down rates the loading to 500kg per tower. NOTE: A Lite Beam tower must be speciifed when ordering.

Lite Mast

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