Folding TrussFolding Truss

Slick Folding Truss is a highly versatile and cost effective trussing system. It is a triangular truss and, as its name suggests, folds together to a flat width of 100mm (4"). This saves on storage space and transportation costs making it extremely cost effective. Folding Truss is manufactured from high-grade 6082-T6 aluminium alloy.

The locking and folding mechanism is very simple and easy
to use, with no loose or additional parts to lose or misplace.

Slick Folding truss is completely compatible with Slick Maxi
Beam truss, with the simple addition of two extra lugs on
each face of Maxi corner and sleeve block, (a standard
option), as it uses the same fork end fitting joints and main
tube diameter and is the same overall size. This means that
you can inter-mix straight runs of truss to optimise your

Folding truss comes in standard lengths of 1.2M (4') and 2.4M (8') the same as Maxi Beam.

Along with using standard Maxi Beam corners with folding truss fittings we also offer Folding truss only variants of horizontal corner blocks.

General Truss data

H = 617.4 mm (569 ctrs), W = 617.4 mm (569 ctrs)

Tube Sizes:

Main cord = 48.4 mm OD, Braces = 31.75 mm OD

Connection Type:

Fork End fitting

Fixings Type:

TP, Truss pin & R3 clip

Typical Loading:

3367 Kgs uniform over 9.6 mts


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