Arc Stage

Arc StageSpan range: 10m to 15m
Loading capacity on front cross stage span: 20Kg per metre.

The Arc Stage has been designed around the Slick Lite Stage, which is based on the Slick Lite Beam.

It utilises Kader Groove Extrusions to allow easy fitting of covering material. This elegantly designed roof system is also TUV approved.

Trussing - Professional Range
  - Lite Beam MK II
  - Lite Box MK II
  - GS Lite
  - Mini Beam
  - GS Truss
  - Nova Lite
  - Nova Beam
  - Maxi Beam
  - Folding Truss
  - Super Beam
Tower Systems
  - Lite Tower
  - Lite Mast
  - GS Tower
  - Nova Tower

Roofing Systems
  - Lite Stage
  - Tunnel Stage
  - Arc Stage
  - Eagle Stage
  - Main Stage

  - Pins & Clips


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