At this moment Slick products can be purchased at several sales points all over the world. In 2008 Slick will have established a worldwide dealer and service network. This is why Slick is actively seeking for suitable interested manufacturers around the globe to enter into technical transfer agreements to manufacture any combination of the Slick product ranges. Any manufacturer entering into such an agreement can expect to receive expert help and advice on the necessary manufacturing skills, techniques and know-how to produce the product under licence. Slick International B.V. sets the levels of quality control and standardisation to ensure that no matter where you go to buy your truss it will be just the same as if you bought it from our central production facility.

Interested in becoming a dealer for Slick international B.V? Please contact our office
+31 (0) 582802858 for more detailed information.

If you cannot find a point of sale in your country, do not hesitate to contact Slick International B.V. Our staff will contact you or a point of sale in your area will be designated to you.

  • Lightpower Germany & Austria
  • Kooistra Pro The Netherlands
  • IQ Limited GmbH - Switzerland
  • Electrowaves Finland
  • SRS Light Design Slovak Republic
  • Total Solution UK
  • Access All Areas Portugal
  • Gobo Lighting A/S Denmark
  • Prolight Poland
  • NA Company Latvia
  • Teaterteknik Sweden
  • SLS pro United Arabic Emirates
  • T-Servis Import - Czech Republic
  • Light Sound Contactor - Russia
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