Partnership between Slick International BV and Electrowaves for Finland!
Electrowaves is a leading expert in sound, lighting and water systems in Finland.
Their services cover design, installation, importing and round the clock maintenance.
Through Electrowaves the customer can get the highest quality products in business and they can be sure Electrowaves takes care of their project the way the customer wants it and at the time the customer wants it. By combining these elements with skill and experience, they can create the best results for a unique ambiance! Electrowaves has extensive experience in providing sound systems and presentation technology. They have supplied hundreds of audio-visual systems for churches, concert halls and conference halls. They have also specialized expertise in providing evacuation and information systems for public facilities such as hotels.

We are convinced that Electrowaves is the right partner for Slick International BV in Finland and we wish them lot’s of success with the sales of the Slick-range in Finland!

Steffan Hogenberk – Salesmanager Slick International BV

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Partnership between Slick International BV and Electrowaves for Finland!
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